Romanov by Nadine Brandes

40590407._SY475_I have always been fascinted by the Romanov family, especially the controversy surrounding Anastasia Romanov and if she survived or not.  Okay, Rasputin was another character in the Romanov family history that was equally was intriguing but not quite as much as the beautiful Anastasia.  So, when this book fell into my hands, I HAD to read it and I’m so glad I did!  The author did an excellent job in carrying on the controversy of Anastasia’s survival in a unique way that weaves fantasy and romance around it as well.  Excellent book!!  And here’s my vlog review on it!



Upcycled Holiday Tree! Low Tech Makerspace :)

Do you have books you’ve weeded but don’t know what to do with? How about having students (and teachers!) enjoy an easy craft to create a present to put under the tree, or in the hall, or on a table…. Well, here’s a quick craft/low tech makerspace for students (and your colleagues!) to create and share. Upcycled book holiday trees, with little to no folding involved! Create a station for people to come to at their leisure to make a tree, sip a drink and visit with others. It could be a nice break from semester finals or the chaos of the last days before the holidays start. You could even take the hardcover and hot glue the tree to it to make a “tree skirt” too! Add some baubles on it to make it shine!

One Small Thing by Erin Watt




While everyone is gearing up for the best of 2019, I thought I’d do a little “throwback” to 2018 with the book I just listened to.  How it escaped my reading in 2018, I don’t know, but I really enjoyed it!  Great for school libraries who carry YA fiction!! Here’s the link to the booktalk If you can’t watch the embedded video 🙂  Enjoy!!




Charged up Narrative Non-Fiction 90 Second Book Review! The Electric War by Mike Winchell

29540346Sometimes, it never occurs to me until after I’ve read a really good narrative non-fiction how impactful our history is to our present day.  I’m sure many kids and teens have heard about Thomas Edison, but do they know anything about George Westinghouse and Nicola Tesla?  This novel allows the reader to peek into their lives and how different in personalities each were.  And while many revere Thomas Edison for his inventiveness, he had a dark side too, which is revealed in this novel.  I loved it from beginning to end!  Watch my 90 second book review to learn more, including tie-ins to curriculum!


90 Second Book Review: A Creepy Thriller!

37506333._sy475_I just uploaded my first (of hopefully more!) 90 second book review for this creepy thrillfest of a book!  Set in 1982, it’ll bring some feels from books you may have read in the past and definitely teens who like horror will want to read this one.  Here’s my 90 second review!

Hope you enjoy it (and if you visit my Youtube channel, I have some other interesting things for libraries/librarians on it)

Books, books, books! Get your TBR ready!

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to present at a conference in the Houston area, Setting the Trend. This conference has doubled in size in three years with about 700 showing up, both attendees and presenters. I did two sessions (which I’ll share here!) and one of those was a booktalk. I was overzealous and had a list WAY over what I could talk, so I thought I’d share the presentation with you. Each book has a recommended grade level (including mature readers) and if it was a diverse title, it is also listed.

And since I’m still reading, I also did a quick vlog on two great middle school/junior high books that should be a in MS/JH collection. You can find the link to this review here.

So, if you’ve read these, I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did! If not, I hope you will enjoy them when you read them!! You can find some individual book reviews on the blog, but there are some I hadn’t reviewed but still really enjoyed.

Here is the breakdown of the titles I booktalked. Enjoy!