YABAM!! And a vlog was born :)

Yes, it’s true!  I’ve just started a new weekly vlog on Youtube that’s all about young adult books, tricks and tips, ideas, programming and SO MUCH MORE (you should see the list I’m creating!!)  I’ve only got two up (see below) and they’re going to be short and sweet.  That includes booktalks, which I’m doing this next time!!

This all started in my head when I began to think, “How can I be more concise with by blog?  What can I do to bump it up?  And the word “vlog” appeared out of the sky, with a chorus singing in the background (lol!)  But really, I was just hoping to share the love quicker and easier 🙂

So if you want to stay updated on the vlog posts, you can always subscribe and spend a few minutes with me a week 🙂  Here’s the link if you’re interested and fear not!  I’m still going to blog too.  That’s in my blood!

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