Amazing Library Ideas for K-12!

The best part of my job is being able to visit with librarians and talk with them about anything from programs to books and how I can help.  One of the benefits of visiting them is seeing the amazing things they come up with!  Library spaces should capture the heart of the reader, the creator, those who study, and those who teach.  These ideas help do that.  The best part of being a librarian is that there is always a willingness to share with not only their community, but beyond that.  Here are a few things I’ve seen this year that librarians have shared with me:

This librarian at an elementary school took a couple of noodles and put them around a table to keep puzzle pieces on the table!  This could also be great with makerspaces that have lots of components and so many other things.
Another elementary librarian added visual cues to popular chapter books to make them easier to find for kids by adding the book covers to the bins they’re housed in.
This high school librarian took book ends and got her teens to paint a representation of their favorite book on it during Teen Read Week.
Another high school librarian made shelves more interesting by putting some great folded book art at the end caps.
A beginning of the year bulletin board not only had teachers sharing their favorite books, but they also got to know the new librarian better!
I saw this at a high school, but it have universal appeal at any grade level.
Encourage reading through sharing! Take some cardboard letters, decoupage book covers, add ribbon and clips and let students and teachers share their favorite books. This was hung right by the entrance/exit doors.
This homemade art installation was made in the spring, but think about the possibilities for all seasons to liven up the library a little
This wall is dedicated to sharing books through recommendations, including a starred review. Simple clipboards and supplies included.
If you want to get kids interested in simple makerspaces, why not do what this librarian (and co-blogger) did by setting out QR codes around the library to Youtube videos to create cool origami.

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