Books in the Digital Age

It’s so interesting to see how books have transformed in the last 30 years.  Some have come and gone, but one thing has remained true – reading will always be essential and important for pleasure and academic pursuit.
With technology becoming more sophisticated, the ways people approach reading has also changed.  Here are a few ways books are transforming in the digital age:

Books as movies – There has always been books to movies (although some of them stray (far) from the original while others remain true) but it goes without saying this is one popular way people are exposed to books.  After digging around, I found a book to movie that’s been around for over 119 years!

Today, people can’t wait to see Ready Player One or one of the many other coming out in 2018.  Is this another way of reading with your eyes?  Not sure, but it goes to show that really well-written books will always tell a good story, whether on screen or in a book.

Capture321Books as audio – Books have been recorded on records (I still have the copy of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream) and they have continued to transform into different formats such as cassette tapes, CD’s, and streaming  downloadable audio.  With the adaptability of audiobooks today (and the quality!!! WOW!) readers can now experience books in a completely different way.  This video has two professors from Sam Houston State (Rose Brock and Karin Perry) discussing the importance and transformational impact audiobooks has (as well as some great suggestions!)

Books as Digital e-books:  These have been around for quite awhile, and when they were first introduced, they came in fast and furious.  Years later, and libraries and individuals continued to purchase them for readers.  Some excellent qualities of e-books is that they have greater maneuverability than traditional books through downloading.  Recently, I’ve seen a change in e-books.  For the first time, I read something called “Kindle in Motion.”  It takes the regular e-book but adds animation and video into the book so the reader has a more sensory experience while reading.  Here’s the current list of Kindle in Motion books  (I read Hell’s Princess in one day and LOVED the animation…even the pages looked old through graphics!)

It’ll be interesting to see where the future takes readers and books.  Wherever it does, the best part of the transformation is creating new readers through curiosity (is the movie better than the book or vice versa?); sustaining current readers through digital evolution; and tantalizing readers through new and innovative (and as yet, unseen) ways.

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